Hi there and welcome to my site. I am developing a range of products to help with steering electricity consumption in your home.

At present time (Nov 2022) I have a lot of the software done and are already implementing systems into my house, like the smart switch for my electric water heater and car. They only switch on when electricity prices are low.

A smart electricity steering system for my own house

At the picture above you can see how I intend to use computers and hardware switches to steer electricity around.

Right now I am working on a programmable buck boost converter. This will control the charging of the batteries and releasing of energy to the grid when needed.

Prototype of the programmable buck-boost converter is being assembled


There are a couple of goals I want to keep in sight.

  • Use electricity when it is cheap
  • Zero grid consumption
  • Serviceable
  • Open source

Use electricity when it is cheap

With solar and wind power getting a bigger share of energy production, I can image a growing part of energy consumption being charged by the hour. I myself have such an energy contract called dynamic prices.

Every day I can see the prices for tomorrows 24 hours

This means, that if you switch off your heavy electricity consumers in your house at expensive time, your money savings can be in the 10s of percents.

Zero grid consumption

In my own country (and most others) we love to tax everything. If I produce 100 kWh of power and consume 100 kWh, then I have to pay for 0 kWh and get taxed for 200 kWh. Might not be 100% accurate but we are heading in that direction fast.

With the use of batteries and smart switching, we can keep the meter at near zero net consumption most of the time. Allowing us to keep a lot of tax money that where otherwise lost.


These devices will using through hole components and circuit boards with some room to work with so that most people should be able to repair these devices themselves.

Open source

I realize that most energy situations are unique, everyone should therefore be able to customize the workings to suit their own needs.